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Your First Visit

Scheduling an appointment

Our front office staff will be pleased to schedule an appointment for you to meet with a prosthetist or an orthotist. During this initial contact, you will be asked a few general questions regarding the reason for your visit, and you will also be reminded to bring in the prescription from your doctor and your current insurance information.

Arrival time

At your first visit with us, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. We will have you fill out some paperwork, and we will get copies of your insurance information. Be prepared to give us all of the necessary information about your doctor(s) so that we can work closely with your doctor to coordinate your prosthetic or orthotic care. We will make every attempt to keep your scheduled time, and your prompt arrival helps us ensure that you will have all the time you need to discuss your special needs with your practitioner. Please remember that circumstances do sometimes occur which may cause us to run behind schedule. Your understanding with this matter is appreciated as you will be given all the time necessary during your appointment time.

What to Wear

Please wear loose fitting clothing that will allow our practitioners to examine you easily and efficiently. If your practitioner will be evaluating your feet or legs, please wear comfortable, sensible shoes as you may be asked to do some walking during the evaluation procedure. (artificial limbs)

  • below-knee prosthesis


Fabrication of custom prosthetic and orthotic devices routinely requires us to take an impression of the affected limb. We call this process “casting”. The process involves wrapping the limb in a fiberglass or plaster bandage which will be applied, allowed to harden, and then removed during this one casting appointment. All appropriate evaluation tests and needed measurements will be taken at this time as well. In most cases, this appointment should last no longer than one hour.

A cast may be taken during your initial visit if your doctor has prescribed a custom orthosis. The casting procedure for prosthetic devices (artificial limbs) may be done at a subsequent appointment for a new amputation if the limb is not ready to be cast at the first visit. Our office staff will schedule your casting appointment based upon your specific situation for the most appropriate time.

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Initial Fitting

Orthotic Devices

With some custom devices, a trial fitting is required. At this appointment, the orthosis will be tried on the patient to ensure that the device fits properly and functions as designed. The orthosis may not be delivered on this day, as certain adjustments may be required.

Prosthetic Devices

On this visit, we will be evaluating the fit and alignment of your new prosthesis. This is done using a test (diagnostic) socket. The appearance of this socket is not what your finished prosthesis will look like. This test socket will be made of a clear plastic material that will allow observation of your residual limb inside the socket. Attached to the socket will be an alignment unit which allows us to optimize the function of the prosthesis. Both the alignment unit and the test socket will be replaced with lightweight components when the prosthesis is finished. Your completed prosthesis will have a cosmetic finish to give it the appearance of a natural limb. If this will be your first prosthesis you will be instructed during this visit to arrange for therapy training which is essential to maximizing your success once you receive your artificial limb.

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This is the day we have worked toward. Today you will receive your custom device. Custom orthotic devices will be fitted and evaluated for both fit and function Instructions on the proper application and use of the brace will be given to you on this visit.

If this visit is for the delivery of your very first prosthesis, it will be fitted and evaluated with instructions and initial training given to you at this time. You will, however, not be wearing the prosthesis when you leave the office. Most patients will be leaving the office on their way to therapy at the facility prescribed by their physician.

If this visit is for the delivery of your definitive prosthesis, it will be fitted and checked for proper function, and if needed, instructions and training will be reviewed.

  • Modern knee and hip prosthesis made by cad engineer and manufactured by 3d printing

Follow-up Appointments

To ensure the continued success of POA patients with their new devices, we will schedule follow up calls and follow up visits. These visits are used to monitor the continuing proper fit and function of your device.

With an initial prosthesis, these visits are essential for continued evaluation of your progress as natural, expected physiological changes in your limb need to be monitored. With orthotic devices, follow-up appointments are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the brace after a period of use. Any adjustments that might improve the fit or function are done during these visits.

If you have any problems or questions regarding your device, there is no need to wait for your follow up appointment. Please contact our office, and we will be happy to schedule an earlier appointment for you.

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Insurance & Payment Options

POA is here to guide you through the insurance and payment process. After an evaluation with a practitioner, our insurance specialist will be working with you to formulate an estimate of the cost of your device. Before we proceed with your device, you will be notified of your financial responsibility.

As a courtesy to you, we will be happy to file an insurance claim for you. Your particular claim is subject to the benefits and limitations of your individual policy. Some items may not be covered.

POA Accepts
•Most private insurances
•Workers Compensation
•Veterans’ Administration (VA)
•Texas Division for Rehabilitative Services (DARS)
•Community Based Alternative (CBA)

For any portion of your claim that insurance will not pay, we accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, or personal check.

Your trusted partner & guide throughout the entire process.